Crozier Tyres

"Tyres are one of the most important vehicle parts, needing care, review and changing on a regular basis. Use the information below to keep your tyres, and you, safe."

Ordering Tyres

When ordering tyres, it is necessary to provide the numbers written on the side of your tyre, as demonstrated below.

Tyre Maintenance

Tyres should be changed when they get to a thread depth of 2ml, as this is when they start to lose grip. A thread depth of 1.6ml or below will earn you 2 penalty points and a fine of €80.

More importantly, a bald tyre can burst with devastating effects. A blow out can cause fatal accidents for not only you and your passengers, but other road users too. If you are not sure what you are looking for, look at these pictures below for reference.
Stay Alert, Stay Alive

New Vs Bald Tyre

Here at Crozier we not only supply and fit a wide range of high quality tyres, we also offer alignment and balancing services to ensure your car, and you, are safe on the road. 

Get in touch today with any of your tyre queries and concerns.